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Anu Zaveri


I lost 20 kgs under Mini’s weight loss program. While it was a challenging time for me, Mini was my pillar of strength, support and inspiration all through it.
When I first went to her, I was anxious and unsure, burdened by the problems of being overweight. I told her that I had tried everything and now was leaving my fate in her hands. 

She explained to me the science behind the different food groups we consume and gave me a regimented diet to follow. She ensured that there was plenty to eat at well-timed intervals, which never left me hungry or wanting for food. I started eating more than I used to, but all the right things. Her diet did not conjure up the fright the word usually does. With a plentiful variety of food to eat, the regimen became enjoyable and a way of life, one that is easy to follow and can be sustained throughout your life. 

I complemented my diet regimen with daily exercising and started seeing results. The two things you must have are faith and patience. You cannot expect to see results instantly. However, you do lose weight week after week, which inspires you to continue. She changed my routine every week, which made it fun to follow it was never boring. 

I thank her with all my heart; for what she has done for me, has truly changed my life! 


Aarti Motwani


Every year I was getting ‘bigger’ but definitely not ‘better’. What I’m talking about is my weight & looks. In fact I had become way overweight. Snacking was an entertainment and comfort for me. I found it difficult, if not impossible, to control my eating as I kept falling into old bad habit over and over again. I had tried withdrawing but it always felt like I was forcing myself.

For me, I can still remember like it was yesterday I weighed about 95 kgs but I never made any attempts to even walk. Breathlessness was an issue & shying away from my social circuit made me approach Mini (My guide to good health) and I decided to finally take control of my weight by accepting this challenge. The constant motivation I was getting from my husband and daughter gave me that push.

It has been an incredible journey of weight loss and personal growth. My sheer perseverance & focus coupled with a diet plan and exercise regime outlined by Mini has worked the magic. It wasn’t really that difficult as I was eating to lose and of course my same old home cooked food stuff with a little twist as far as the breakdown in the meal timings is concerned and today I stand 65 kgs.

I am no longer tired of climbing one flight of stairs. Instead, I bounce up them two at a time. Actually I can exercise for about an hour daily and Yes I finally feel good about the way I look and feel. Thanks a ton Mini.

This diet program does not end here but I believe it has become a part of my life.

Ferozie Wadia


I had always thought that going on a diet meant having to deprive myself of food and feeling hungry for considerable periods of time. Instead, under mini's guidance, I was pleasantly surprised to find that neither was the case and I could even stray occasionally without any guilt. I could eat all that I wanted, as long as I stayed within the markers, and felt satiated after eating. My cravings for junk food also steadily disappeared. The results have made me more conscious of what I put into my mouth because I like the way I feel after eight weeks on the road to reclaiming my body. I feel more alive, more healthy and have more energy than I have had in quite a while. My joint pains have almost gone and so has a lot of my stress. I have gained in confidence and am certain that I will achieve my goal.

Ila Vijay Vaghela




I have lost 17 Kgs over a period of six months of consultation and diet advise from you. To the world it appears like a miracle, but the fact is that this has been achieved due to your constant encouragement and motivation, and also of course my sincere efforts and dedication. To the people who read this, I must say that although it may seem difficult, it is really a matter of self confidence, will power, positive attitude and consistency in following your diet and exercise directions. As they say, "nothing is impossible", I find that this is really true after my experience. 

Last but not the least, it is important for people to know, that a number of problems and difficulties that I had related to health issues have almost completely disappeared. Earlier I used to have knee pain, leg pain, experience tiredness and breathing difficulty, and similar related issues with being over weight. I feel a different person now and more alive; the world too finds me to be a different person, and of course, all are quite amazed with the results and the change in my appearance and life style  (including me too!) over just a period of six months.

My sincere thanks to you Mini Abraham for helping me to arrive at this stage from "then" to "now".

Regards and Best wishes to you Mini Abraham and also to all your present and would be clients.

Archana Parikh

The One Life provided me support and encouragement to loose weight .  I learned many tools that aided me my desire to remove the extra weight from my body. I gained invaluable knowledge about concepts ranging from environmental control with  food to the need for physical activity and self-management. There is nothing magic about this program it requires hard work and a deep personal commitment to one's self. However, I truly believe that with the right intention a person can utilize the structure and support that the One Life Program offers in order to change and save your life. I am living proof of that, and I halve enormous gratitude for it."

Mohit Prabhakar

Wow! What a deference a year makes. I can not believe it. I have lost weight the healthy way too. Thanks a million from us and our families.


"My journey with the One Life program has been remarkable!" I have movedvery slowly through the journey and am thrilled that finally I have lost weight that has stayed off because I am breaking bad habits, it has taken me a lifetime to develop these bad habits and mini is assisting me to slowly but surely replace the bad with healthy habits, I could not be happier! In the beginning, I wanted to lose alot of weight very quickly, but I have learned slowly and surely is healthier and has helped me achieve weight loss that stays gone :) "


Great service! Mini makes me feel comfortable and helps me track my weight each time I come in. I’ve seen fantastic results and recommend this to anyone who is considering this.


Thanks a ton Mini for helping me loose those extra kilos...

I feel so good and confident now.

Arvind Rao

The one life program has helped me lose approx 10 kgs in 6 weeks. This result was achieved without starving and just following disciplined eating habits under the able guidance of Dr. Mini Abraham. Losing the extra kilos has not only helped me feel lighter but also has made me more alert and active like in the earlier days, before I gained those extra kilos. 

If you have the will, Dr. Mini can show the way to the lighter you.

I wanted to say how grateful I am for the 'new me' which I have achieved with the help of Mini.

One life program refocused my determination to adopt this new lifestyle. Of course, the increasing compliments I got as I was steadily 'giving the weight away' was such a buzz!

To anyone considering starting the Mini's Weight Loss Program, I have this to say: Just do it!! The benefits far outweigh the things you think you enjoy now!



Professional, price is reasonable. there are different options to suit different needs. highly recommend

The diets has been very easy to follow and the best part about it is that you get to eat every two hours ! The whole experience has been a  life changing one and I feel good about myself and Mini Abraham has been very motivating  throughout the process  :)

Evonne Ferns


Mini counsel's all her prospective clients.  Never in a hurry to sign you up for her program, has she patiently explained the importance of nutrition in our daily diet.  She emphasises on considering a lifestyle change instead of wanting to achieve a short term goal of losing weight.  With her positivity and enthusiasm she makes you believe in living One Life at its holistic healthiest best.

Mini complements your medical regime by planning the type of diet to best suit your specific health concerns. Mini includes loads of unlimited/free foods.  Whenever feeling hungry, these foods are permitted in unlimited amounts.  These can also be added to meals if desired.

Neeta Lodaya


When i first decided to lose weight and get back to shape, what struck my mind was ...Oh My god! Boring food...loads of fruits and raw vegetables! And it was with this very idea that I stepped into One Life. And today after six months I have just fallen in love with the whole procedure. My journey to better shape has been the one that I can cherish and continue with throughout my life. Ms. Mini is not a conventional nutritionist who would just write down on a piece of paper what to eat and what not to eat...but she would set you thinking about what is going into your body system. It has now become a habit to count the nutrition’s and calories in what I eat and how do I substitute it with something better. The best part of the whole process is the unconditional motivation that she keeps offering along with the diets every week. I have always felt free to send her an SMS or talk to her about horrifying things like weight being stuck at a point or even the best of things like an old pair of jeans fitting me. But the best thing is that it is not like a diet plan you take from her, but a course you take every week and learn from each week. After a point you can yourselves judge where you are going wrong or where you can cut down or take in a few more things so that the nutrients are balanced. And she sees to it that we reach that point of confidence. One Life....and I guess I have cracked the essence of it :-) walk in my building, my friends fail to recognize me and I smile.

Shivani Kommu


Rajesh Ravindran


Mini has been a great motivator and an excellent dietician who does not subscribe to the theory of making patients starve. She does not believe in the "One Size Fits All" concept but to eat the right food at short intervals of time, reduction of excessive oil intake and a detox diet once a week. Her dietary prescriptions are also tailor made to suit the individual’s requirements and metabolism rate. No dietary supplements are prescribed to her patients to reduce weight which are not actually required but which are prescribed by most dieticians in Gymnasiums. Thanks to Mini, I have been successful in following her diet regimen diligently and reduced my weight from 87kgs to my present 74kgs and my target is to now lose just 2kgs to get to my right weight. I have also not starved myself to achieve this weight reduction. Today, as I walk in my building, my friends fail to recognize me and I smile. There is however, one costly affair here. I need to change my entire wardrobe as most of my clothes now do not fit me!

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