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Philosophy: Wheel of Life

The eight sections of the wheel of Life represent “balance” in life. Taking the center of the wheel as “0” and the outer edge as “10”, please rate your level of satisfaction in each life area. Do this by drawing a straight or curved line to represent where your level of satisfaction is today.

How bumpy would the ride be if this was a real wheel? To have a fulfilling and satisfying life, it is important that we balance all aspects of our life! You have only one life, don’t waste it.

Permanent Lifestyle Change

Mini Abraham One Life is about making a permanent Lifestyle change and moving towards a healthy lifestyle permanently! It’s not about short term yoyo diets and crash diets! It’s not about deprivation and depressions but about rejuvenation and positivity! It’s about saying Yes to Life!

Aim of One Life

The focus of the program is to get yourself to follow a balanced diet right from the start. By following a healthy, balanced diet , you accomplish a permanent healthy lifestyle. 
This leads to :

  • Reducing any health issue one might face.

  • Maintaining a healthy metabolic rate to sustain energy and vigour for daily activities.

  • Fat loss rather than muscle or water loss.

  • An increased concentration not only on weight loss but also on maintaining healthy skin, hair and other internal organs.

  • Development of routine and habits that lasts permanently.

Evolution Process

COUNSELLING :Involves intensive one on one with the client which involves understanding the nitty gritty in the following of a weight program.

THEORY :Explaining the whole theory of what a diet is all about.

MISCONCEPTION :Getting rid of all the misconceptions of what a diet and what dieting is

DIET PREVIEW :Diets are not about starvation, but a slight modification of the current diet.

ONE LIFE THOUGHT :It is about eating right, at the right time, with the right quantity.

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