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Testimonial - I had gone for my regular health check up and found that I had fatty liver and doctor advised to reduce weight. I reached out to Dr.Mini for the one life programme. I lost 9 kgs within 4months following the diet chart and exercises she had given. Programme is holistic approachto lose weight and bring lifestyle changes. Mini keeps on following regularly which makes us feel committed to the weight loss journey.


Yash (Texas, USA)

Mini’s program highlights hollistic wellness. She trains clients to prioritize sleep, eat every two hours, and work out every day. Clients learn how these lifestyle changes play an equal role in attaining optimal wellness. Mini does a great job of encouraging clients on this journey. Despite challenges related to clients’ busy schedules and varied time zones, Mini is available for support around the clock. From Mini’s program I have adopted a new relationship with food and the meaning of health. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from my experience is the realization of wellness being rooted in self love and consistency!


Manisha Dharnidharka

I had approached Dr Mini Abraham after scrolling through her online profile. While I started with a myopic objective of weight loss, she guided me through a transformational journey of health and nutrition. Importance of regular meals, overall mental and physical well-being – with weight loss being a natural consequence. I lost almost 15 kgs over 4-5 months (by eating more than earlier!) with improved vitals and fitness. Her regular follow ups, weekly plans, nudges towards meditation/yoga (cutting through our busy lifestyles) were the key differentiators. Much recommended !


Opted for Correction Diet


My stomach problems had become more frequent and I was heavily dependent on antacids. I never thought it could be a dietary issue, until I spoke with Mini. Mini’s experience is unbeatable when it comes to understanding various body types and she slowly eased me into changing my lifestyle in a sustainable, yet effective way of diet. Her constant care calls and follow ups ensured that I was on the right path and one month down the line, I can easily say that not only my stomach issues have vanished but I also feel friendlier with my diet and body. Thank you Mini, for making people reclaim their bodies.

Swati Nathani, Co founder, Team Pumpkin


Opted for Correction Diet


I am an IT professional, 48 years of age, living a typical, crazy corporate lifestyle. With extensive international travel and no fixed work timings, maintaining a balanced diet and work-life balance was a huge challenge. The global impact of Covid just made things worse, lockdowns meant long sedentary hours in front of a computer, lack of sunlight and exercise in general.
Mini was highly recommended to me by a friend and I feel fortunate to have had her guidance on improving my overall perspective to life. Most dieticians that I have met in the past had a “templatized approach” to diet – list your problems and they will give you a stereotype diet plan that you are expected to follow to the T – which I personally believe is not sustainable in the long run.
OneLife was different. First and foremost, it was not just about a diet plan – we started with tips on wellness and mindfulness. I was advised yoga, healthy sleeping habits and general guidance on do’s and don’ts. This was ably supported by a holistic and flexible diet plan that comprised of food ingredients from everyday life – nothing sophisticated or something that cannot be maintained over a long period of time. In fact, I was eating more, in smaller quantities and being mindful of what I ate – this was indeed the secret sauce in my diet. I was eating healthy, on time and with the right balance of nutrients.
After a month of regular consultation and following the “new way of life” – I feel positive, invigorated and I am sleeping so much better. While my plan wasn’t for weight loss, I am at my target weight (as per BMI) and I am leading a healthy and most importantly, sustainable lifestyle.
If you are looking for a holistic lifestyle change – look no further! Thank you Mini.

Pranjal Khalap, Singapore

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