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Through an appointment, you attend a compulsory free counseling session with her wherein she will explain the basics of dietetics and nutrition and the importance of a permanent lifestyle change. Only if you are ready to make the effort to change for a permanent lifestyle change should you progress to the next step. You can take your time to introspect and decide on whether you are willing to go ahead with the program.

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Diet & Activity Recall

Once you enrol, Mini will understand your current lifestyle, diet, medical history, weight and measurements, then Mini will work out a diet for you based on your activities, health, timing and ailmentsso that she knows exactly what your energy expenditure is and how it changes during the day. This ‘exercise’ is important so that the diet is planned around your activities.



Diet Plan

You will be expected to follow it completely. The diet is pretty simple to follow and it is designed keeping in mind your existing food habits and tastes. Contrary to perception the diet allows you to eat as much as you like, frequently in small measure and doesn’t force you to starve and usually people complain that they have to eat a lot more than they ever have! The whole idea is to cultivate an eating pattern that you can stay with for the rest of your life. A little bit of planning, discipline and determination can make the process of change very easy.

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Follow up

Once you receive the diet, you can start keeping a diet diary to document daily intake & timings. Mini will meet you every week at a dedicated time slot where you can discuss your issues and progress personally and your diet plan may be changed every week based on your feedback.

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