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Secrets to Ageing Gracefully

1 - Eating walnuts as the alpha linolenic acid level increases which is responsible for feeling of joy.

2 - Include 1 tbsp of flaxseed (roasted and powdered) reduces inflammation and helps for one being happy.

3 - Have wheat bran which is a rich source of zinc and increases happiness quotient. 100 gm of wheat germ provides 16 mg of zinc.

4 - Probiotic curd taken twice a day slows activity in parts of brain that govern emotional reactivity.

5 - Radishes may lift the mood by simulating the release of dopamine.

6 - Food rich in red meat, chicken and other sea food can improve your levels of vitamin B-12 which helps in feeling good.

7 - Dark chocolate helps to feel good because of the flavonoids.

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