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South Indian Diet plan for Weight loss

When you think of going on a diet, the thought itself makes you want

to eat more, but compared to the North Indian greasy fattening oil-

ridden food, a South Indian diet plan just might assist you in

achieving your ideal body weight. Lifestyle changes are permanent

and fortunately the South Indian everyday meal plan suits the taste

buds and benefits the body when eaten in the right moderation.

Having a well balanced diet is important when it comes to aiming for

weight loss.

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South Indian food is often rich in fiber and fibrous

foods can prevent metabolism dysfunction which leads to obesity.

The thought of consuming a southern Indian cuisine can bring delight

to oneself with the aroma and different delicacies also allowing you

to enjoy your meal without the restraining thought that you are

currently on a diet. The best diet plan should always be associated

with an exercise plan and should contain the 5 major food groups.

For instance - fruits and vegetables, pulses and cereals, meat and

dairy products and fats and oil.

A south Indian diet is all about fruits like coconuts and lentils with

unpolished brown rice creating a tempting yet appetizing flavor to

your liking. What is common among the five south Indian states'

cuisines is the presence and use of rice as a staple food, the heavy

use of lentils and spices, dried red chilies and fresh green chilies

and of course coconut. The native fruits and vegetables include

tamarind, plantain, jackfruit, snake gourd, garlic, and ginger.

The famous Idli is considered the healthiest breakfast by WHO,

while containing only 39 calories. Due to it being steamed and

fermented, Idli is tasty and easy on the tummy, Along with it a bowl

of Sambhar would pair perfectly as it retains authenticity yet

providing a mouth watering taste for the layman. Ensuring that the

authenticity of the food remains, you should stick to the various

recipes involving health conscious food items, playing safe and true

to the aromatic cuisine of South India.

Every state in South India has its very own tradition. Ragi

dominates the Karnataka diet with its ragi idlis, ragi dosas, korri

rotti etc which is full of vitamins, proteins and calcium. Kerala gets

dominated by coconuts which are rich in healthy fats like omega -3

and fiber. The typical kerala meal is called sadya that just

emphasizes the tastiness of Kerala cuisine. Appam, thoran and

grated coconut can be included in a fat loss plan.

Tamil nadu has lentils and legumes in their Sappadu (typical tamil

nadu meal) which is good to add in your diet plan for weight loss. So

a lunch involving a small bowl of brown rice and sambhar made of

horse gram and dal can be had making a very delicious meal for

weight loss.

A sample diet plan would involve –

Breakfast - idlis / ragi dosas or upma with coconut chutney, tomato

chutney etc

Snack – fresh fruits and one glass buttermilk or one bowl of yoghurt

Lunch – one small bowl of brown rice or two small ragi rotis,

sambhar, one cup rasam and roasted pappadam for flavor and taste

along with one protein made in a south Indian style with moderate

amount of oil

Snack – yoghurt or buttermilk with chia seed, cucumber with curd

dip, salad bhel with peanuts. No fried sugar or maida (refined flour).

Dinner – baked chicken, fish or egg, (proteins) spinach curry, avial

curry , thoran (cabbage mix) and brown rice or wheat rotis.



An easy to make dish to have with your brown rice for lunch.

For the vegetable filling add – yellow pumpkin, white pumpkin,

drumsticks, carrot, potato and brinjal.

Cook these vegetables in turmeric powder, ground masala and salt.

Add grated coconut mixture – which involves grated coconut, jeera,

green chili, small onions and curry leaves.

Switch off the flame

Add beaten curd, curry leaves and coconut oil for flavor.


Red rice flour puttu with either egg roast for protein or banana if

having as a snack. It can also be had with veg stew or kadala stew


This is made in a healthy way with mix of millets like Ragi flour,

which is rich in iron and calcium along with Red Rice Flour for its

richness of thiamine , fibre and the Vitamin B .

It is steamed and sprinkled with Coconut �� on top and layered in

between for its omega 3 fatty acid complimented with a high quality

protein black Channa. 

Healthy almond flour waffles –

 With 2 eggs����, raisins, raw honey �� blueberries �� , cardamom

almond flour and almond milk a healthier and tastier form of waffles

can be made. With the same batter you can make delicious pancakes

that are more beneficial than pancakes made out of refined flour.

it is Vegan, Gluten Free, ZERO refined sugar, yet sweet and yummy!

�� You’ll find yourself craving for a stack of these.

Oats dosa –

Method of preparation:

1 cup oats 

1 /2 cup sama or Rawa roasted for binding 

1 cup curd 

Required amount of water 

For the Masala: 

1 small onion 

2 medium green chilly 

coriander 1 hand full

3/4 inch ginger 

Salt as required 

Put all these ingredients in the blender and churn it for half a

minute till the consistency is smooth.

Black pomfret maza ( also called Halwa )

Mostly consumed by local Maharashtrians and Malayalees.

It is rich in 

- low fat protein 

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin A 

- Vitamin B6

- Vitamin B12

- Vitamin B1

- Calcium 


Therefore “Halwa” is a fat fish which is not only good for weight

loss but also great for hair , eyes and skin . 

This fish tastes yummy, when fried. It tastes great prepared as red

masala fish curry and the combo with red rice would be yumm !!

Red rice flour “Ada” 

It is a concoction of 



Jeera and black til roasted ( for calcium)

Jaggery ( for its Iron and Vitamin B6 properties ) 


This is a south Indian lentil and veg mixed stew. It is loaded with

vegetables, spices and herbs making you full for a longer time. It

goes well with idli, dosa or brown rice.

Make sure to add, okra , tomato, carrots, brinjal, drumsticks, red

pumpkin in your sambhar.

A spice powder also known as sambhar powder is the key to a good

and tasty sambhar stew, which can be bought at any local grocery


Uttapam –

Made from the same batter as idli, it has but only a slightly thicker

consistency. Add chopped vegetables like onions, capsicum, tomatoes

and green chillies to add more nutritious flavour to its fibrous


 When eating fruits and vegetables one should –

 Eat plain fresh fruits like grapes, pears, pineapples etc but

avoid regular canned fruits and fruits with jaggery.

 Eat vegetables cooked with minimal oil or stir fry vegetables

but avoid fried potatoes and creamed or fried green


Food items to eat more

 Steamed idlis

 Upma

 Poha

 Raw vegetables

 Natural spices

Liquids to drink more

 8 glasses of water a day

 Buttermilk

 Unsweetened lime juice

Food items to avoid

 Food rich in sugar like cream biscuits, chocolates, aeriated


 Food rich in fat like fried items, cheese, mayonnaise, cashew

nuts, cream or milk

 Trans fats like margarine and processed food

 Refined oil such as sunflower oil, soya bean oil etc

 Refined grains like white bread and white pasta.

 All whites to avoided like maida, refined flour, white sugar,

white pasta, white bread, white rice, white milk.


 Have more small quantity meals rather than few large meals.

Rather than 3 large meals have 5-6 small quantity meals.

 when eating south Indian cuisine one would know that brown

rice is preferred over white rice

 Try to minimize salt consumption, meaning eat food with

moderate salt.

 Having freshly prepared meals is always a good choice

 Your breakfast should be wholesome

 Your breakfast should be taken within 30 minutes of waking up

 Your dinner should be light

 Your dinner should be taken at least three hours before

bedtime. Have an early dinner.

 Remember that moderation is key

 Always try eating more fruits and vegetables as snacks instead

of chips and fried items.

 Avoid zero carb diet and or starvation when trying to lose


 Eat plenty of fiber and fibrous foods due to the reason

mentioned above.

Along with the low calorie diet you decide to follow, one should

consider exercising often and regularly, like try running,

swimming, jogging etc for at least 45 minutes. It balances your

lifestyle maintaining your balanced diet allowing a more

permanent weight loss for you. Drinking sufficient water is

important to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Finding your ideal

diet plan may seem tiring as it has to pertain to your needs of

taste and health, though fortunately the south Indian cuisine

in general is filled with the combination of taste, aroma and

healthy culture. With the right diet plan you can have a

nutritious meal not compromising on taste. It is also important

to remember that stress plays an important factor in weight

gain, hence one should have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to

produce serotine.

With the right amount of dedication and will power, you can

achieve your ideal body weight with just the simple outlines

mentioned above to be kept in mind. When sticking to a south

Indian diet plan, one should keep in mind that moderation is

key. There is no point or need in starving yourself when you can

eat all the tasty food of the southern Indian cuisine that

serves its purpose of being healthy and yet tasty despite the

two words not being associated with each other often.

Experimenting with different south Indian cuisines can be fun

also fulfilling the main purpose of weight loss. It is not

necessary to compromise on taste when trying to lose weight as

eating healthy food can be tasty too. Also don’t deprive

yourself of an occasion to eat out, you can still go out once a

while on occasion but remember to follow the guidelines on

what to eat and what to avoid when stepping outside. Avoiding

the 5 white foods is important as it’s very easy to gain back all

the lost weight if indulging in junk fatty food items. Be firm

and rigid with the mindset of achieving your ideal weight and

motivate yourself to stick to the rules or eating the right

health conscious food items not being discouraged when you

see others eat what you desire to have because remember that

once you achieve your body weight with the routine you have

created a lot of your health problems and stress related

problems will disappear. Moreover you need to be dedicated in

this journey of achieving weight loss allowing yourself to think

and be positive throughout the ride.

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