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Online Health Plan by Mini Abraham

Updated: May 11, 2020

As the virus does the rounds these days, and we are locked in the comfort of our homes, now is the right time to focus on adopting a perfect and healthy lifestyle. Presenting the one month Mini Abraham One Life online health plan. This plan includes:

One free session where the nutritionist explains the program and responds to any queries or doubts. After which you have the option to choose to proceed with the one month course.

•The one month course involves one web session a week amounting to 4 in a month.

•Daily updates and interaction via Whatsapp on the eating routine and weight check up.

The virus has done nothing but brought to our attention the value of an important and healthy lifestyle. We should come out of this strong, looking and feeling our best.

CONTACT US if you have any queries about our online health plan.

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