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Mini distributes free Vitamin tablets to villagers in Alibaug

Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 deficiencies are quite common these days leading to numerous illnesses.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause reduced formation of red blood cells leading to tiredness and fatigue due to reduced oxygen supply to the blood vessels . This can also lead to depression , anxiety , irritation , lower and upper back pain , frozen shoulder, heavy bleeding during period etc.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause numerous problems

- Vitamin d acts as a hormone and essential nutrient which is present in the body but gets activated by the exposure to sunlight in the early hours of morning .

- this nutrient plays a major role in the absorption of calcium thus making the Skeletal structure and bones more stronger , making it less fragile which helps prevention of



Ligament tare , also reducing tooth infection as 90 % of your teeth is made of calcium .

People who are having moderate levels of Vitamin D ( 60Ng has shown to have better metabolism which also helps in maintaining your wt : also helps for faster wt . Loss .

During Covid times , Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in building up immunity hence protecting your body from cold cough , cholesterol , cancer etc .

This vitamin also is found to reduce nervous breakdown and depression.

Along with the Police Patil of Mapgaon Village in Alibaug Taluka, under the guidance of the Sarpanch, we distributed free strips of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 tablets amongst the villagers.

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